Asset Management



Asset Management is a key component of the firm’s overall business and Itqan offers clients a high degree of sophistication in asset selection, setting prudent diversification parameters, employing well defined investment strategies and risk parameters in managing their investments.

Itqan’s goal is to maximize investor returns by pursuing investments in a manner consistent with the fundamental investment philosophy of the firm, which is to seek attractive risk adjusted returns through prudent utilization of capital, coupled with a highly disciplined investment and credit process, while strictly adhering to the Islamic Shariah principles.

ADiscretionary Account Management (DAM):

DAM mandates allow the firm to cater to the needs of high-net-worth and corporate clientele by structuring, managing and monitoring their investment accounts. Itqan focuses on formulating asset allocation strategies for clients with the view of optimizing returns with lower risk, preparing and managing client’s investment accounts and providing regular investment reports and advisory services.

BStructured Portfolio Management (SPM):

Structured Portfolios are specialized investment vehicles designed by Itqan to invest in a specific investment opportunity. Periodically, Itqan identifies lucrative Shariah compliant investment opportunities in sectors such as higher education, power generation and transmission and health and it structures portfolios with specific investment terms and parameters. SPM opportunities are generally structured and offered to investors as a Joint Venture, Limited Liability or on Partnership basis.